About the Company

Our Story is One of a Kind

Colours and Grace is about Women.

I am a mum of three teenage boys and I have an awesome husband. Life is busy and at times hard with them, BUT I would never be without them.

I work part time as a support worker for disabled adults and work casually in schools as a teacher’s aide.

The idea for the name ‘Colours and Grace‘ came about by thinking that woman are beautiful people, that all women are different; yet amazing in so many different ways! I love art and lots of colour.  Women are from all over the world yet they add so much colour to many people’s lives in whatever they are doing.  Grace is giving so much of ourselves; over and over again. Not every lady does this, but as a mother, I am constantly saying ”that’s ok, don’t worry about that, oh come here you will be ok and so forth. So many women do more for their families than themselves and have so much care for their families before themselves.

We are all different from our ages, looks, sizes and shape,  where we live in the world, and so many other factors. Yet we are all made the same way. We all have emotions, we all have needs and all would like to have someone to love us!

One of the things I would like Colours and Grace to be is a place of  encouragement to all women no matter where they are in their lives.
Every woman and girl needs to know how important and valuable they are.

Colours and Grace believes that no matter how hard your day has been with the kids at home, whether you are working or not working, single, married, have a partner etc that YOU are a WORTHWHILE person and a VALUABLE lady. That you as a person can shine like shooting stars!

I want women everywhere to know that they are doing a great job, that they just need to take it day by day or for some it is moment by moment.  Never give up! You will  get to a day when it’s not as hard and you can do more than just survive each day.

Some of my blog posts will be talking about friendships. motherhood, pregnancy, kids, husbands/partners and so much more .


Colours and Grace is a  Clothing and Apparel business.  The aim for Colours and Grace is to have clothes for mothers during maternity.  As well as general women’s and children’s clothing, plus Hippie Clothes. Over time I will be adding more products such as bridal wear/accessories and jewellery.

 Thank you for being part of the Journey and Welcome to Colours and Grace